Textile Transfers

Thinnest Transfer

Printed Fabric Labels

Thinnest transfer films, ideal for intricate transfer cuts and small lettering.


Woven Labels

Foil transfers are available in range of colour options.

  • Metallic finish for a fashionable effect.

The transfers have a high wash resistance and outperforms the traditional screen print.


Adhesive Labels

Viscose flock for heat-transfer applications with a velvety touch. The higher concentration of fibres gives ultra-vivid colours.

Flock is an established form of decoration used on both fashion and sports garments. It gives a 3-dimensional and tactile feel that has a proven history of performance. The addition of the heat transfer element in this product accentuates the 3D aspect of the product and makes it extremely versatile.


Printed Fabric Labels

Reflective transfer manufactured from a continuous film. This material meets the requirements of European Safety Standard EN471 for visibility. Millions of glass beads on the surface of this transfer reflect back to its source, making the wearer more visible.

The key benefit of this laser-cut product is that it can be easily applied to most materials. In addition, it has no adhesive outline (sometimes called halo) and the production method make smaller production runs viable. Other colours besides silver are available and in-stock.

  • Sportswear, safety clothing and outdoor garments.

Multi Colour

Woven Labels

Complex designs and photographic effects can be manufactured in multiple colours heat transfers. These are made by 2 different production methods (screen print & litho). S2S can recommend the best solution based on the requirements of the customer. A key benefit of heat transfers over screen print is the consistent image across all of the garments regardless of the location.

Industrial Transfers

Adhesive Labels

Heat transfers are formulated to survive industrial laundering processes. With the ability to resist wash temperatures of up to 95⁰C (200⁰F), these are the best performing decorations for work-wear. Industrial transfers ensure a consistent brand image even in the harshest work environments. This transfer can also be produced with a fire resistance for tracking garments though the industrial laundry process and is able to have variable information included in the transfer.

Industrial work-wear, corporate apparel, Gloves


Printed Fabric Labels

Extremely fine transfers with a metallic effect.

Galaxy Sparkling

Woven Labels

Extremely fine material for a smooth touch with a twinkling look

3D-Flex Transfer

Adhesive Labels

Create a coloured outline around your pattern and get a 3D look in just one application.

Puffed-Up Transfer

Printed Fabric Labels

Give a magical puffed-up effect

Carbon Effect

Woven Labels

Heat-transfer film for a Carbon effect

Gel Transfer

Adhesive Labels

Glossy Coating

High Density Transfer

Printed Fabric Labels

3-Dimensional heat transfer

  • Creates dimension in the graphic
  • Lift your graphic & branding out
  • 3D look enhances any fashion wear

In-house high precision tooling & engineering & chemistry

Silicone Transfer

Woven Labels

Durable material with a matte finish and a soft touch.

Performance Wear

Adhesive Labels
  • Breathability – Finished to improve air flows through fabric
  • High-performance fabrics